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"SICAO” Brand, was founded in 2002 years, the founder of the spirit of his life filled with dreams and passion,
Named the company with "SICAO Electrical Appliances", which means "wave of new technology, the most cutting-edge
& high-end electrical appliances", The trademark has combination of Chinese and English ---"SICAO 新朝"
(Export LOGO will be only the English words “SICAO”), It is tend to ” the new directions of science and technology,
Created the Wine-Cellar dynasty” The design of SICAO LOGO is very simple, The color is “purple”. Represent the
elegant and noble.

Brand positioning: Elegant taste & Enjoy the life
Brand image: excellent quality and considerate service
Brand Culture: Hardworking, and try to do better
Brand's mission: Offer the high-end products & excellent service, leading you enjoy the wonderful life.