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GeDe Brand Wine Auction, SICAO Convoys All The Way

After two days of auction, Beijing GeDeYingXiang 2013 Spring Auction successfully closed on the evening of June 2nd, at Kunlun Hotel in Beijing, with a total turnover of 215 million yuan.

SICAO, the leader f wine storage line, was invited to attend the auction site, to provide full service for "top wine" wine storage. As the patron saint of auction "top wines", SICAO, with the leading technology and professional quality, fully manicured auction wines. At this auction, various top brand wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Champagne, California of United States and other international famous Tuscan can be seen. There are indications that the trendy development spurt of Chinese wine market . The Chinese demand for wine tasting has been upgraded from favorites to investments. Thus, it also leads the rapid market development of China Wine storage. SICAO, as the leader of wine storage line, owning SICAO Brand Wine Cooler, SICAO Wine Cellar (can be customized per Clients' request), provides more than 30 items wine coolers with different capacity from 1 to 336 bottles and private customized wine cellar services from thousands to tens of thousands wine bottles storage, to fully meet customers' comprehensive wine storage needs.