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SICAO and Suning to build a wine cooler experience showrooms

As the southern chief's flagship store, no matter on the scale of sales, customers, single store efficiency, Sunning is a veritable "South China First Shop". It lead the Chinese home appliance storefront mode change weathervane. And, the upgraded Su Ning, Stars Plaza store on the basis of the existing flagship store launched ultra-comfortable shopping environment, ultra-rich products, super interactive experience characterized by a new generation of super mode. And increase a new wine cooler area, water purification systems area, Living area etc eight customized products area.

With this new experience model in Suning, and as the leadership brand of China Wine Cooler - SICAO have a new and more cooperation with Suning again, that is combined wine cooler line Suning and experience showrooms. Sunning Stars shop is opening in April 29, will show variety of wine cooler products there, such as electronic wine cooler, smart wine cooler, wooden wine cooler. At the same time, SICAO will bring DIY diverse wine cooler, so that every consumer can design exclusive private wine cooler with SICAO.

 Just come to Suning, and SICAO mates is there for you to show you the convinience from professional custom made wine cooler for your wine life.
Address: 2F, Sunning star plaza, 38th hongli road, Shenzhen