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SICAO Wine Cooler debut CCTV hit TV Series

By the CCTV and Hunan TV drama premiere sync "We get married" was the perfect ending December 10,
The TV play is very much since the launch audience acclaim, and has achieved impressive results in the annual ratings winner.

Section 34 of this drama focused on a high-end clubs actor GUORAN entertain old buddy, dinner continued with point two bottles of Lafite.
However, the attentive audience can easily find the story in the noisy scene, in fact, there is another unknown supporting role - a wine cooler which frequently

appears on the screen. Identified by the parties, this sets out the frequent appearance of the cooler line toward professional wine cooler brand SICAO ,
absolutely genuine! But try to make it as a eye of fake Lafite! Recently, a presentation on the network microblogging same paragraph story cited :