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Service principle: We promise the standard 3H service to achieve Win-Win Co-operation & Making progress together.

High quality products-------Guarantee the good reputation and profits of SICAO distributors all over the world.
High efficient service--------Fast,efficiently solving the problems customers encounter .
High standard maintenance-----Professional engineers with more than 10years’ rich experiences and original spare parts are available in real time.

List of common failures & trouble-shooting
Possible Reason
Sketch map
Interior LED lighting flicker
PCB failure
Change the PCB

Setting temperature is higher than the actual
Adjust the thermostate
PCB auto-defrosting effect be started
Reset automatically,it is not the failure
LEDTemp.control panel fail to show the full setting Temp. information or doesn’t work at all
Failure with Temp.Control panel
Change the Temp. control panel
If the indicator light set on the PCB off,please change the PCB


Not cool enough
Ambient Temperature go up too hot or next to the heat source
Ambient Temp. 25’C would be perfect,away from direct sunlight,do be far away from the heat source


Poor ventilation
Keep ventilation and don't let the stuff block the back cooling hole
Fans fail to work
Please check if the plug loose,or please change the fans.
Door can’t be closed up tightly or open the door frequently
Keep the door fit tightly and don't open it frequently.
Aluminium cooling sytem frozen,block up the fans
Interior is too humid or the setting temperature is too low
Cut off the power and stop working,manual defrosting, plug in again after wiping up the water completely



Fail to refrigerate
Plug looseness
Reset and plug in tightly
Abnormal Working voltage fluctuate
Keeping normal working voltage
The fuse of power supply is burnt
Change the fuse
Fans fail to work
Change the fans
Wrong with the PCB
Change the PCB